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Beautifully Corrosive

BEAUTIFULLY CORROSIVE: I use a lot of paint thinner and corrosive, harsh materials to create a contrast of beauty.  It’s a dichotomy that represents many facets in all our lives.  Someone crying can be beautiful or heartbreaking; a rusty building can mean decay but can also be strikingly inspiring; or in my case, an old discarded photograph is turned into a painting for someone else to ponder lovingly.  These photographs I find at estate sales have stories that no one may ever know and I feel it’s my job to share their stories at least one more time, whether it be beautiful or corrosive.


These paintings have misplaced paint, uneven strokes, muddled colors; but every stain and smudge or disintegrating drip is what defines the beauty of the piece.  The same can be said for the stories of these people if they could still talk. The unknown is what makes their lives beautiful. 

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