Acidic Blooms


ACIDIC BLOOMS:  Have you ever encountered that woman or girl, so beautiful and refined; and then out of her mouth comes something just as elegant as she is except for the acid dripping in the tone.  It burns whoever it’s flung at.  Its harshness, masked in sweetness, can be bruising.  It can ruin something so beautiful.

These flowers are moments of beauty, dusted in corrosion and pain; saying one thing on the surface, and meaning something entirely different.


Well, bless your pretty little heart.

Bitter Splendor
Charmed, I'm Sure
Sweet As
Harsh Elegance
Sweetly Eroding
Caustic Elegance
Blissful Erosion
Idyllic Erosion
Acidic Elegance
Corrosive Bouquet
Eroding Elegance
Quite Charming
Tender Corrosion
Lovely, Just Lovely
Beautifully Bruised
Charmingly Tinged
Stained Grace
Radient Decay