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Storm Warnings

Many times I’ve sat at the window, looking on with terrified awe at the power and beauty of a good storm.  Aren’t we, as humans, also capable of that power and beauty.

The anatomy of a thunderstorm includes downdrafts of wind that carry a positive charge, the updrafts a negative one.  The differences in these charges cause collisions to occur creating different kinds of storms.

How many internal collisions do we have a day because of the positive and negative moments we have experienced that we are still processing and experiencing?  People we’ve met, memories that pop up, healing we’ve done, healing we need, trauma, work responsibilities, relationships, caretaking, theological and philosophical learnings, social justice; bolstering our resilience one moment at a time or possibly breaking it down. Our every waking moment is a carefully balanced dance between these charges that can be positive, negative, or neutral. When they collide, we become beautiful storms. Or maybe we become like the summer rain and cleanse ourselves from within. Maybe our heart is moved like a rough wind, powerfully making decisions but leaving wreckage behind. Or maybe we produce short bursts of neon lightning, terrifying but oh so beautiful.

We should all come with “Storm Warnings.”

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