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Sometimes life gets messy.

“My paintings tend to mirror life in that way, they're a little messy, but full of some really beautiful moments.”



INSPIRATION: Much of my inspiration comes from old photographs, some of which are family, some of which have come into my hands via yard sales, antique shops, or old thrift store buys. These people have become so familiar that I feel like I know them and their stories; I feel like I have a chance to remake their histories.

GOBS OF PAINT: I love paint, how it moves and can be manipulated. My heart beats a little faster the moment I see the strokes and colors begin to become something far greater than just paint on a canvas. I love the process, the mistakes, and the messes just as much as I love the final piece.


Art is not a luxury.  There is a force within us that moves us into action to inspire, to relate, to evoke.

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